ANGEL TEARS Chunky Glitter Pot 3g

£3.00  £3.50

Our ANGEL TEARS glitter pot contains 3 grams of the sparkly stuff. Mixed by us for our very own cosmetic brand Glitpop.

Our glitters are cosmetic grade and are safe for use on face, hair and body and nails. 

How do I apply my ANGEL TEARglitter?... my face/body?

First apply a glitter glue or petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) to the areas you want to make sparkle. Scoop the glitter from the pot with your finger and apply over the glue/jelly.

Remove with oil-based make up remover, or baby oil.

As with anything, take care when applying around the eyes, as eyes tend to not like anything in them. As tempting as it looks please do not eat - or inhale. my hair?

Apply a hair product such as gel to the area you want to get glittery. Then sprinkle over and gently dab to stick. Apply hair spray to the area to set. my nails?

Coat your nails in your desired colour, before they dry carefully apply the pieces of glitter you want by gently dabbing with your finger. 

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